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Hi, my name is Qid Love (they/she pronouns) and I make experimental improvised music with my guitar and iPads. I mean… that’s not the only thing I do, but it’s one of the more interesting ones. I’ve released 139 albums so far on Bandcamp, including this one:

I’ve also written a couple of books, directed some short films, and headed a record label called Apptronica. I’m currently training to be a creativity and existential wellness coach with Eric Maisel. I have a day job as a programmer at the University of Washington, but that’s kind of boring. Feel free to Google me.

I’m trans-femme / non-binary and autistic, which might come up from time to time.

What this is all about

Here at Love Letters, I write primarily about experimental and improvised music, doing weird stuff with iPads, and being an artist in the world today. I also occasionally post some deep dives / asynchronous listening sessions of my vast catalog in the Qatalog section.

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My longer-winded official-ish artist bio

Qid Love is a trailblazing artist, pushing the boundaries of experimental improvised music with their unique blend of guitar mastery and iPad wizardry. As a trans/non-binary autistic individual embracing their authentic self, Qid Love's artistic practice is deeply intertwined with their personal journey of self-discovery and resistance against societal norms.

At the core of Qid Love's musical philosophy lies the fusion of improvisation, drone, glitch, and noise. Their practice embraces the meditative qualities of improvisation, creating an environment for emotional and spiritual exploration. By incorporating unconventional apps and their own system of harmonic studies, Qid Love crafts innovative sounds and structures that defy genre limitations and challenge traditional narratives.

Beginning with classical violin and transitioning to keyboards, Qid’s journey with music ultimately led them to the guitar, which became their primary instrument. In the early 90s, they honed their craft while performing in clubs across Germany, and later found their voice as a singer-songwriter in Washington. Embracing the studio as an instrument concept in the mid-2000s, Qid Love released a number of instrumental guitar albums under the moniker Echo Root.

A pivotal moment occurred when they discovered iOS/iPad music production in 2012, propelling them into the world of electronic and experimental music. Despite facing physical challenges due to nerve inflammation, Qid Love's resilience and artistic passion drove them to release a staggering 118 albums as Mood481 between 2013 and 2020. They also authored books on iOS music making and founded the Apptronica music label, cementing their influence in the digital music realm.

Through their music, Qid Love aims to create a sanctuary for themselves and others who feel alienated in a neurotypical and cisheteropatriarchal world.

More about me

Here are a handful of posts where I dive a bit deeper into who I am:

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Musings about experimental contemplative improvisational music and life as a trans / non-binary autistic artist, bandleader, coach, filmmaker, and writer. They/she pronouns.


Trans/non-binary autistic artist making experimental improvised music with guitar and iPads. (They/she)