Drone, Glitch, and Noise

Preface to the Infinite Edition

What’s This?

Drone, Glitch, and Noise is a book I wrote about making experimental music on iPads, which I published on Amazon (under my dead name) in 2015. I revised and updated it in 2023 here on Substack. Like most blog-style platforms, Substack doesn’t really provide an easy way to present content meant to be read in a certain order, so I made this table of contents page. There’s navigation at the end of each chapter to move on to the next, so you really never need to come here again. :)

Preface to the Infinite Edition

Preface 1.0

Chapter 1: What’s the Point?

Chapter 2: The Rules

Chapter 3: Screw the Blank Page

Chapter 4: iOS Music Tools

Chapter 5: Workflow

Chapter 6: New Instruments

Chapter 7: Touching Sound

Chapter 8: Slicing, Dicing, and Glitching

Chapter 9: Automation and FX Sequencing

Chapter 9, Continued

Chapter 10: Math and Physics